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Insurance is mainly risk management product. General advise is that you should have insurance covering all your liabilities and future financial needs & Investments only for growing your assets.
The percentage of people covered under Insurance is less than 4% and this is really essential for proper availability of basic services to everyone.

Government’s ambitious healthcare scheme can bring in vast majority of people with Health cover. This can increase the awareness of having health insurance and other needed insurance covers.

If you want to protect wealth, one of the best way can be is to have Health Insurance.

If you want to protect your life dependents then one of the best way can be Term Insurance.

If you want to protect yourself during accidents and during recovery period, then one of the best way is to own a Personal accident policy.

Insurance in general can be,

1) General Insurance
2) Life Insurance

General Insurance

Life Insurance

Motor Insurance, Health Insurance & other group insurances comes under General Insurance.

Term Insurance, Endowment Insurance, ULIP comes under Life Insurance, anything related to life and which mortality factor gets covered under Life Insurance.

We also provide Group Insurance based on the need. We have partnered with Gennext Insurance brokers for Insurance services.

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