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Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

PMS is nothing but portfolio management services, where investors need to allocate money and portfolio managers along with research team will look after the investment process on behalf of the client.

Most of the leading fund houses have Portfolio Management services and this is unique service as each of the PMS have a distinct feature.

This service can be either Discretionary where Portfolio managers need not get any approvals from investors or Non Discretionary where the portfolio managers need to get approvals before making any changes to a investor portfolio.

Minimum investment required for PMS is 25 lakhs and subsequent investment can be in addition of 1 lakh.

Advantages of buying PMS from us,

  1.  Unique portfolio
  2. Transparent expense ratio
  3. Better tax adjusted returns
  4. Investor focussed approach
  5. Transparent holdings of stocks
  6. Multiple options as we have multiple partners

PMS offered by ,

Edelweiss – Rubik
& Hexagon

Motilal Oswal – Value strategy,
Next trillion dollar Opportunity strategy,
Indian Opportunity Portfolio strategy

Axis – Axis Brand Equity Portfolio

Invesco – Invesco India Caterpillar portfolio.
Invesco India large cap core portfolio
Invesco India sector opportunities portfolio
Invesco India R.I.S.E portfolio

Kotak – Special Situations Fund

We also provide Alternative structured products from Edelweiss for people who want to invest more than 1 crore. The advantage is it is unique and niche for people who invest more than 1 crore.