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Will Writing

Why Will writing ?

Will Writing helps you in settling the assets by the way you want to distribute among your family members or others. Most of the unwanted family disputes can be sorted out easily if this is done.

One of the benefit is you can reduce they inheritance tax and pass on your assets to your next generation. Will can contain Cash, Endowment plans, Shares , Mutual funds, Real estates etc.

A simple will costs less and this overrides every other nominations or other disputes arising out of the assets. Another things which should be taken into account is having your will to be attested in front of Witness.

When should you do will writing ?

Anybody can write a will and this makes the settling of assets easy. It eases the process if you have complex family structure and need to allocate money to everyone in your family.

When should you do will writing ?

Your complete estate, which is nothing but all your assets including Gold, arts, old photos of family, cash, endowment plan,

It is best to be registered so that no one contests its legality and validity.

We have partnered with Team of Lawyers so that your will gets registered and its legally valid.